Vegan No Bake Autunm Cheesecake

Easy Vegan “No-Bake” Autumn Apple Cheesecake

Over the past couple of months, the City Starlings team has been throwing around the idea of trying to make a vegan “no-bake” cheesecake! With the arrival of the autumn apple season, we thought this would be the perfect time to see if a vegan “no-bake” cheesecake is really as easy as it sounds and if it actually tastes as good as the real thing!! Read on to find out how it went in this week’s post!

The whole idea of making a vegan no-bake cheesecake started when one of us had a craving for a real American Apple Pie.  However, due to some food intolerances and dietary restrictions amongst our team members, the pie would need to be Vegan, Gluten-Free & Naturally Sweetened.

Since neither one of us is particularly skilled at “vegan” or “gluten-free” baking, we decided to try making a“no-bake” cheesecake instead of a pie.  We also wanted to take advantage of all the regionally grown, juicy apples that are in season and readily found at your local neighborhood markets. So, we quickly went to work on making a Raw, Vegan “No-Bake” Autumn Apple Cheesecake that the whole team could enjoy.

The Verdict? A resounding success! A Vegan No-Bake Cheesecake is actually really easy to make and super yummy!! You don’t have to be good at baking or cooking in order to make this little autumn flavored number!  The only thing we highly recommend is planning in advance because you will need to soak your cashews overnight and give the cake time to set in the freezer! Guten Appetit!


Vegan No-Bake Autumn Apple Cheesecake 

Adapted from Brandi Doming, the Vegan 8, Audrey @ Unconventional Baker, and The Vegan Society

makes enough for one 9-inch or 23-cm springform pan

1 1/2 cups oat flour (180 g) (use certified gluten-free if needed)
4 1/2 tbsp pure maple syrup
3 tbsp melted coconut butter (Do not use coconut oil)
1 1/2 tbsp unsweetened, natural apple juice
2 1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/8 tsp of nutmeg

3 cups raw cashews (450 g), pre-soaked overnight, rinsed and strained
1 cup (240 ml) maple syrup
3/4 cup (180 ml) lemon juice
3/4 cup (180 ml) coconut oil, melted
1 tbsp pure vanilla extract
1 tbsp natural, unsweetened apple juice
3/4 tsp salt

Raw Caramel Apple Topping:
2-3 apples – peeled, cored and diced (smaller diced pieces are easier to spread)
20 dates softened (pitted and soaked in water for 15-30 min)
3 tbsp maple syrup
1/4 tsp vanilla bean powder or 1 tsp vanilla extract
pinch of salt
1/2 cup warm water on hand


  • Soak cashews in water overnight or at least 12 hours to soften.  Please allow for this time because later in the recipe, it will require at least another 5 or 6 hours for the cake to set in the freezer.
  • Line a 9 inch (23 cm) springform pan with baking paper or plastic wrap. Make sure to cover all the way up the sides of the pan for perfect removal of the cake later!


  1. Prepare crust first.
    • Combine all crust ingredients in a mixing bowl and stir into a wet crumbly mixture.  This mixture should not be too wet or too dry.  If you need more liquid, add a teaspoon of apple juice at a time.
    • Pour the crust into the lined, springform pan. Then proceed to use your fingers to press and spread it around the bottom of the pan from the center to the edges, evenly.  Tip: Slightly dampen fingers with water if too sticky when pressing.
    • Place pan with the crust in the fridge as you prepare the filling.
  2. Prepare the filling. (high-speed blender highly recommended)
    • Place all the filling ingredients into your blender and blend into a smooth, creamy mixture.
    • Take crust out of the fridge and pour the filling mixture into the pan, smooth and even out with a spatula or spoon if needed.
    • Put the cheesecake into the freezer and freeze for at least 5-6 hours or overnight.
  3. Prepare the apple topping just before serving the cake or you could also prepare in advance*
    • In a small food processor, combine 3/4 of the diced apples, softened dates, maple syrup, vanilla, salt, and 2 tbsp of the warm water.  Blitz until you have a smooth paste. If you would like more of a sauce texture, add 1 tbsp of the warm water at a time until you have the desired texture.
    • Pour the sauce into a medium bowl and stir in the remainder of the diced apples.
    • Take the cake out of the freezer and spread the sauce over the top of the cake while the ring is intact. (much easier)
    • Remove ring carefully, cut and serve.

*Store the pre-made Apple topping in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 3 days

**We recommend storing leftovers in the freezer.**

Veggie World Expo

If you would like to find out more about vegetarian and vegan cooking as well as their products and lifestyle, then we highly recommend attending Munich’s Veggie World Expo in October.  We went last year and it was super interesting! There are also workshops and speakers on topics that range from nutrition to sustainability. Check it out!

Date and Time
Saturday 07.10.2017 | 10 – 18 Uhr
Sunday 08.10.2017 | 10 – 18 Uhr

Tickets Online Price
Online pre-expo
10,00 EUR

Tickets at the Door
12,00 EUR

MVG Museum
Ständlerstraße 20, 81549 Munich, Germany

See you there!


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