Vegan Beauty with A Soul

Kia-Charlotta: Vegan Beauty with a Soul

Kia-Charlotta just launched their amazing new Vegan Nail Polish Line and we are obsessed! Read on to find out more about this local vegan beauty startup, the dynamic duo behind the brand and their mission.

City Starlings recently had the amazing opportunity to sit down and chat with Kia and Alex, the founders of Kia-Charlotta.  We are already crushing on the beautiful nail polish colors, which are 100% vegan, cruelty-free and 7 toxin free. However, what enticed us even more, was the motto behind the brand – “Vegan Beauty with a Soul”. Kia-Charlotta aims to provide the beauty industry with 100% vegan products all while engaging in ethical company practices. This brand is definitely one you can feel good about!

How it all started…

Co-founder and Finnish native, Kia Lindroos, began her vegan journey back in April of 2015, in search of personal health goals as well as doing her part in making the world a better place.

Along her journey, she discovered that becoming Vegan not only improved her overall health but generated a genuine happiness and a true mission in life.  In fact, she became so passionate about the Vegan lifestyle, that she wanted to share with others her own experiences thru her personal vlog – Vegan Beauty & Lifetyle Vlog -Kia Lindroos.

Then, on one fateful cold and rainy day in February while painting her nails, Kia realized that not only did her nail polish contain harmful ingredients but that it also wasn’t Vegan.  Thus, an idea was born!

Making the Dream a Reality: A Startup Journey

Armed with a great idea and a lot of passion, Kia began building her vegan beauty brand, right here in Munich .

“I wanted to create a brand that consumers could go to and always trust to get 100% vegan and cruelty free products”.

Initially, she started this monumental journey on her own. However, due to her infectious enthusiasm and incredible vision, it wasn’t long before her life partner Alex came on board.  Together, this dynamic duo set out to create a company that they not only loved but also a brand in which they could be 100% their authentic selves. You can find out more about their impressive startup journey here.

Through a lot of hard work, emotional ups and downs, and many sleepless nights, Kia and Alex made their dream a reality.  Kia-Charlotta launched June 2017, with their fabulous Vegan Nail Polish line!


About the Nail Polish

Vegan Health & Beauty

100% vegan, cruelty-free products that are healthier & eco-friendly, need we say more?

Oh, but we can!!  Kia-Charlotta nail polishes have a name and story that evoke feelings while adding beautiful color to your nails.

“We not only want to give you beautiful and trend-inspired colors, but we also love to share some love and positivity”.

Less is More for you and the planet

Furthermore, what makes the nail polish collection even more special is the idea of Make-up Minimalism.  This concept has been implemented throughout the entire product development cycle. The bottles have been designed to create less waste, due to a smaller size.  Because let’s face it, how many times have you completely finished up an entire bottle of nail polish?

The collection contains 15 Trendy Colors per season (Spring and Summer/ Fall and Winter).


Also available to purchase, are five different Nail Polish Sets of 3 for the season. These three nail colors will be the perfect amount for one season after which are freshly stocked with new amazing colors in the next season.  But don’t worry if you can’t finish up your nail polish. The empty bottles can be recycled*!

“We will teach you how to properly recycle your nail polish. Our simple but important mission is to create more joy for you and do less harm to the planet through vegan beauty and nail polish. We are about to show the glam side of veganism”.

 **Update:  International Shipping is now available, details can be found here. Furthermore, Kia-Charlotta can be found at several retailers. Find out if one can be found near you here.

Now, head on over to Kia-Charlotta and order your fave colors today!

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