In order to thrive as an Expat in a new country, we often find that the more flexible, open-minded and sociable you are, the more successful you will be at assimilating to your new home.  The inspiration for City Starlings came from Mother Nature after discovering that Starling Birds have all of these qualities.  They are incredibly social and are often found flying together in large flocks called murmurations.  Other species of Starlings or even entirely different species of birds can also be found traveling together in these murmurations.  Starlings are extremely adaptable and can thrive in a wide variety of environments.  They will build their nests and roost in cities, suburbs as well as on farms.  The Starling’s flexible nature can truly inspire the Expat lifestyle!



The idea of this blog is to bring Munich alive, through the voices of locals and expats alike. Whether you are just visiting or you plan on making Munich your home, I hope you’ll find useful tools and advice that will not only help you maintain your sanity after a stressful move, but also to find your anchor in a place where you might feel lost.

Hi, I’m Jamie!

I’ve been through three major moves and I can tell you it gets easier, but you have to devote time & effort into finding that place of contentment, maybe even bliss. I´m still not there, but I´m enjoying the journey.


A piece of me remains behind in each of these wonderful cities and I will be forever thankful!


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