Biking in Munich

Road Rules – Riding your Bike in Munich

So you would think that riding a bike in Munich was simple? It can be, as long as you know and abide by a few road rules.

Road Rules 101


Before hitting the pavement, here are a few “Bike Rules” for cyclists in Germany

Traffic laws are frequently enforced by the Police, cycling included. Depending on the neighborhood, you can be heavily fined or have points taken off of your driver´s license (even if you don´t have one yet). Yes, even though it was a bike rule you broke. Cycling fines vary from €10 – €200. In some cases, your driver´s license can even be revoked. Penalties are higher if you have put your life or others in danger.

Some tips to give you the confidence to cycle without fear or hesitation:

Bike Rules Dos & Donts
Bike Rules Dos and Don’ts

We all have to adapt to the rules and regulations of the community we live in. Especially when it benefits our safety and those around us. So, I hope you have found this helpful and are ready to hit the road with your bike. Please write to us in the comments with any Do´s & Don´ts that we´ve missed or any “Oops” moments that you´ve had. We´d love to hear from you.

For more on bike rules and fines in the region of Bavaria: read here (in German).

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  1. Thanks for explaining the rules for cycling in Munich. It’s definitely good to know the local laws before cycling there 🙂

  2. Everyone needs to obey the law of the land. cyclists and Pedestrians included. I used to frequently ride around Munich on my bicycle without really realizing any of these rules. I almost had an argument with a lady once but she was quite polite in explaining the rules of bicycling when I apologized and told her I was from out of town. Great blog.

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