American and British Grocers

Part III – American (USA) and British Grocers

Where can I purchase organic pumpkin pie filling? Which supermarket sells clotted cream for your scones?  How about self-raising flour for baking? Do you know where I can find Marmite? 

These and many other questions in regards to finding ingredients for your home cooked meals have come up time and time again. In this 4 part post series, we aim to provide you with a list of our top Specialty Grocers in Munich.

Our top picks for American and British grocery shops.

After speaking with several members of the Expat community, as well as, through our own experiences, we can recommend these shops due to their convenient location, wide variety of products and ease of navigating the aisles!

 American (USA)

  • American Heritage – This shop is located near Rotkreuzplatz. You can find many things baking related: supplies, baking extracts (many of them organic) and many types of flour (even gluten-free). Even hard to find boxed organic pumpkin or butternut squash puree are available. If you are the King of the Grill, you can find all your supplies, seasonings and sauces here. Address: Nymphenburgerstraße 182.
  • Treemans Store – Can´t make your cheesecake without Honey Graham crackers? Find them here plus all your favorite junk food: Reese´s, Hershey´s Kisses, Pop Tarts, Lucky Charms cereal, etc. Take a coffee break after shopping at their cafe or enjoy a lunch break with their soup of the day. Address: Dachauer Str. 69.


  • Pomeroy & Winterbottom – Scones without clotted cream? Not anymore. Find it here, along with self-raising flour for all your baking needs, plus much more. Address: Briennerstr. 55 (Ubahn stop: Stiglmaierplatz)
  • British Allsorts – This shop has over 1700 items in stock. Can´t find what you are looking for? Just Email them and they will try their best to locate it. Address: Rosenheimer Str. 161, near Karl-Preis-Platz

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Tell us what some of your favorite International Grocers are in Munich.