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Discover Munich’s Weekly Neighborhood Markets

Eat, shop or just stroll around Munich’s many local neighborhood markets. Read more to find one closest to you.

Besides the daily markets we all know and love: Virktualienmarkt and Elizabethmarkt, Munich also has local neighborhood markets that open to the public once a week. There are so many, you can visit one every day of the week.

Plus shopping local has so many benefits:

  • Healthier – Eating local and seasonal is beneficial to your health. Produce is picked at its prime. When they are ripe and ready to eat.
  • Tastier – Produce shipped from far regions of the world are harvested before they are ripe. Preservatives, waxes and pesticides are used to preserve produce.
  • Farm to Table – Eating local avoids us from transporting goods thousands of miles away, reducing use of fossil fuels and energy.
  • Local economy – Support local farmers who try and farm sustainably.
  • The natural cycle of life protects our health and provides a balance to the earth´s resources.

“Apples grow in the fall and they are the perfect transition food helping the body get rid of excess heat and cool down before winter. In the spring the abundance of leafy greens help us alkalize, detox and loose some extra pounds after a long winter of heavier foods. In the summer we need to cool down and stay hydrated by eating more fruits, berries, cucumber, watermelon etc. Building a lifestyle around seasonal food facilitates the body’s natural healing process.” – Mind Body Green

Munich Markets

Since 1969, weekly markets have been selling produce in various neighborhoods throughout the city of Munich. There are over 40 weekly neighborhood markets to discover and enjoy. Many locations are so convenient, that it isn’t unusual to see local business people popping over on their lunch breaks. As a matter of fact, we are often found in the beautiful neighborhood of Lehel, sipping a glass of local Weißwein on a pleasant, Thursday afternoon. 😉

Click here to find dates, times and locations for Munich’s markets!

Do you have a local market that you love to visit? We would love to hear from you.

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