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Take-Out At Discounted Prices – Creative Ways To Manage Surplus Food

What if I told you there was a way to take home food from over hundreds of restaurants, bakeries and supermarkets, at a discount, with just the click of a button?

A movement to reduce food waste

Now, what if I told you that all that food would otherwise be thrown in the trash at the end of the day? All of these establishments abide by strict rules and unsold products are usually thrown out by day’s end.

Consider This:

In the EU alone, there are more than half a million landfills (The Financial Times, 2018).

Food waste (*) makes up 21% of landfill volume (FAO 2016).

In industrialized countries, 40% of losses occur at the retail or consumer level: via transport or thrown away by supermarkets or consumers (FAO 2016).

There are currently no compulsory EU rules on collecting organic food waste.

Landfills around the world are running out of space (Curry & Pillay, 2012).

Food Waste Warriors

Luckily there are companies tackling the fight against food waste. Located in 13 countries, including Germany, Too Good To Go allows restaurants, cafes, bakeries and supermarkets to sell their unsold food. Customers can then pick up perfectly edible food at drastically reduced prices. 

Too Good To Go - Food Waste Warriors
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Now that you are part of the Too Good To Go community, consider yourself a true Waste Warrior!

(*) “Food waste”: food appropriate for human consumption being discarded or left to spoil at consumer level – regardless of the cause (HLPE, 2014).

For more info on Too Good To Go or to download their App, visit their website. (Featured Photo from Too Good To Go)

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