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Feature Guest Post – Weekend Getaway in Düsseldorf

We are thrilled to have Jenna Davis, from Life in Düsseldorf, guest post for us this week.  She provides us with the best insider-tips and recommendations to plan the perfect weekend getaway in Düsseldorf.

Written By Jenna Davis:

Forget everything you’ve heard about Düsseldorf in the past, and let yourself experience it first. Düsseldorf is a beautiful and thriving city directly located along the Rhine River and filled with amazing things to do and delicious places to eat. Many travelers will tell you that Düsseldorf is all about art museums and high-end fashion, but I’m here to tell you, they’re wrong. Sure, there are certainly some of the countries most incredible art museums there, and sure, the Königsallee is a hot spot to shop for some of the world’s most luxurious products, but Düsseldorf is so much more than that.

Only when you get here, will you start to understand what I mean, but until then, here’s a little bit of weekend inspiration coming your way!

Exploring Düsseldorf / Sitting Outside the K21


How to Get There

To get from Munich to Düsseldorf you have a few options, depending on how you like to travel.

  • Hop on a direct ICE train and get there in about 5 hours (and if you’re lucky you might even find a seat sale),
  • You can drive your own car or join a car sharing program and get there in about 5.5 hours or,
  • You can fly 1 hour! (there are flights leaving constantly from Munich to Düsseldorf)

Regardless of what option you go for, it will definitely be a weekend worth remembering.


Best Things to Do in Düsseldorf

You can certainly Google “The Top 10 Things to Do in Düsseldorf” and pull up a TripAdvisor list, and while these lists are truly awesome, there are a few things that are really worth mentioning.

Explore Düsseldorf’s Urban Art Scene

There is an abundance of historical art museums worth visiting in Düsseldorf, but whether you’re an art fanatic or not, there are definitely some incredible urban art pieces worth exploring in a weekend. My two favorite are:

    • “In Orbit’ Installation: An art installation made up of wired netting and inflatable reflective balls. This art piece in an interactive way to test how you deal with heights (25 meters in the air) and what life as a spider just might feel like.
    • Kiefernstraße Street Art: While the guidebooks might not take you to this street, I’m 100% recommending you check it out. It’s not the most glamorous street and was earlier known as a street for squatters, but the street art is truly incredible.


Venture Through the Altstadt

I think it goes without saying that regardless of what city you’re visiting in Germany, exploring the old town is a must-do, regardless of how many other tourists have followed in your footsteps. The Düsseldorf Altstadt is beautiful and located directly along the Rhine River. You can choose to party along Ratinger Strasse (a better street to party than Bolkerstraße, I promise), or you can walk along the Rhine Promenade between the beautiful plane trees. There are cheap eats in the Altstadt, as well as high dining experiences, so you can take your pick.

Düsseldorf’s Altstadt
Roaming the side streets of Düsseldorf’s Altstadt

 Visit Düsseldorf’s Modern Hub, The Media Harbour

The Media Harbour of Düsseldorf is filled with high-class restaurants and beautiful modern architecture. It is a hub for entertainment and media businesses, but is also a great place to head for an afternoon cocktail in the summer, or for a city photo shooting. This area of Düsseldorf has got to be one of the most Instagrammed areas in the entire city, and there’s a reason for that!

Düsseldorf’s Media Harbour (Medienhafen)
Düsseldorf’s Media Harbour (Medienhafen)


Best Places to Eat in Düsseldorf

Breakfast at Bistro Zicke: There are so many delicious breakfast spots in Düsseldorf, it was hard to pick just one. However, many of the yummiest spots are located around the residential areas like Flingern, Unterbilk, and Oberbilk, except one of my favorites, Bistro Zicke. If you’re on your way to the Altstadt to explore for the day, this small café will be the perfect place to stuff up before a busy day ahead, or to stop in for a warm coffee.

Similar Restaurants: Löffelbar, Frida Tapasbar

Lunch at Sattgrün: Sattgrün is a relatively new vegan restaurant and café in Düsseldorf located in the Media Harbour (and is thankfully one of the most affordable options around the area). There are a couple others in Düsseldorf located in Flingern and Graf-Adolf-Platz too. You have the option to purchase a small, medium or large plate, and then you can fill your plate with a variety of delicious vegan options from their buffet.

Similar Restaurants: Baba Green, Laura’s Deli

Dinner at Naniwa: Düsseldorf actually has one of the highest concentration of Japanese residents outside of Japan, so you shouldn’t be surprised when I recommend a ramen noodle restaurant in the Japanese restaurant quarter. Naniwa is excellent (and has great prices too), but you have to be ready to stand in a line!

Similar Restaurants: Takumi, Eat TOKYO

Düsseldorf’s Altstadt
Düsseldorf’s Altstadt


Coolest Places to Stay in Düsseldorf

If you don’t know a couple friends in the area, you’re going to need a place to stay. You have your choice between hotels, hostels, and Airbnb, but here are a few of my favorite modern hotels.

      • Hotel Friends: Located in between the main train station and the old town is Hotel Friends, a modern/hipster design hotel with an excellent café and incredibly designed one-of-a-kind hotel rooms.
      • Me and All Hotel: Me an All Hotel is a relatively new hotel located in the Japanese quarter of Düsseldorf and a close walk to the old town. They have a rooftop bar often hosting live music performances.
      • The Fritz Hotel: The Fritz Hotel is located near Graf-Adolf-Platz and is a small and modern boutique hotel (often known as the hotel with the most inspiring Instagram photo opportunities).

While there are a number of hotels to choose from, these three are excellent choices for visitors who enjoy a twist of modern hospitality mixed with the local culture.

Of course, if you have more time to explore the city, there’s a lot more where that came from. Feel free to browse through my website Life in Düsseldorf, where you’ll find tons of tips like free excursions, a 5-day guide and the best things to do on a rainy day.

Happy Exploring!


Written by Jenna Davis the founder and Editor of Life In Düsseldorf, the city’s first English-language publication dedicated to helping expats settle in and live it up in their new home. The online publication shares the best about life in Düsseldorf in a generous and honest way by spending the mornings writing content and the afternoons interviewing locals, participating in forums and calling business. 


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  1. A small correction to the text: the highest concentration of Japanese people outside Japan is in Brazil, not Düsseldorf.
    São Paulo is the place where they are concentrated. After that comes the US.

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