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We went on the search for the most popular Spanish Tapas with Spanish Expats. Here is the one place they agreed felt most like home.

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There are certain tastes and smells that whisk you down memory lane. To memories of mom in the kitchen, out with friends or just being back “Home”.

Itxaso is just that place! As soon as you walk in, you feel as if you´ve entered a typical Spanish bar. And literally at the bar is where they feel most at ease, eating a few Pintxos or Tapas with some beer or wine.

A Tapa is usually a small portion of something you can share.
A Pintxo, originally from the Northern region of Spain, is an individual portion typically served over a slice of bread and pierced through with a toothpick, although not always. Lately they are becoming more elaborate and can even look like works of art.

Enjoying great food and sharing that with family and friends is always a boisterous and lively occasion in Spain.
That was exactly how we spent the evening, sharing delicacies with Geheimtipps München, whom we collaborated with for this post. Everything we had was delicious.

We recommend:

The Tortilla de Patata (Spanish-style potato omelette), Pulpo a la Gallega (Galician-style Octopus), Gambas al Ajillo (Shrimp in Garlic oil), Jamón Serrano (Serrano Ham), Boquerones (marinated Anchovies, Patatas Bravas (diced potatoes in spicy tomato sauce), Vieiras (Scallops) and so much more.

Of course, any of the Pinxtos tempting you from behind the counter at the bar are worth trying as well. Just point out to the one(s) you want and the staff will happily serve you.

For reservations: E-Mail: or call Tel: 089 2370 8048

To read the full interview in German, go to Geheimtipp München.


Thank you to all our guinea pigs for taste testing. If you are a “foodie” and want to be a part of our Expats Top Eats Guide in Munich, get in touch with us.

Thanks to Lolo from Itxaso for his support with our featured photo.

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