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Find Your Perfect Oktoberfest Outfit: Top Vintage & Secondhand Trachten Shops

Our search for the best vintage & secondhand Trachten (traditional Bavarian clothing) shops helped us uncover some of the most unexpected finds for ourselves!

It is no secret that Munich is home to the largest folks fest in the world:


Oktoberfest (in German) or Wiesn as the locals call it is celebrated the last week of September thru the first weeks of October.

In fact, this beautiful city plays host to approximately 6 – 7 million visitors every year during a span of around 16 days.

In 2018, beer consumption reached a record 7.5 million liters at Oktoberfest.

Although Oktoberfest has a reputation for being the biggest beer drinking festival, there are attractions, games and events for the whole family.

Typical Oktoberfest Outfit

You will see everyone wearing a unique Oktoberfest Trachten:

Dirndl (women’s traditional dress) & Lederhosen (traditional men’s leather trousers).

I can assure you… you will feel strange if you are not wearing the whole kit and caboodle. I resisted on my first visit, but I went out to purchase my first Dirndl the day after. Yes, my first! I now own 3 different ones!

You will find that here in Bavaria, Oktoberfest is not the only occasion for wearing your Trachten. People even wear them to weddings and weekend BBQs.

To find your perfect Oktoberfest outfit, we highly recommend shopping at vintage or secondhand local retailers.  Not only will you find one-of-kind, high quality pieces, but it is also another small way to help decrease your economic footprint on the environment!  

Here is a list of our favorite Vintage & Secondhand Trachten shops to help you find the best Oktoberfest outfit!

Oktoberfest Outfit: Dirndl

Vintage & Secondhand Shops For Oktoberfest Dirndls

beGypsy – beautifully merchandised and super easy to navigate, this incredible Dirndl shop is located in the heart of Schwabing. During Oktoberfest season, beGypsy transitions from a vintage & secondhand retailer into a Trachten paradise. Julia and her staff are more than eager to help you find the perfect vintage Dirndl, blouse and accessories to match. beGypsy carries an excellent selection in vintage designer Trachten labels.  Address: Gabelsbergerstr 68

Lily´s Treff – this small, but well stocked, secondhand shop is also conveniently located in Schwabing. Beautiful Dirndls at even more beautiful prices. This little shop is great for bargain hunters. A very knowledgeable and helpful staff, especially when it comes to sizing. We did see a couple of girl’s dresses in stock as well.  Address: Augustenstr. 105

Vintage Love has amazing vintage women’s clothing, and accessories galore.  During Oktoberfest season, you will find a small section of the shop dedicated to Vintage Tracht. We still can not get over all the incredible accessories and shoes that will help complete your Oktoberfest look!   Address: Frauenstr. 22 (Isartor)

Oktoberfest Outfit accessories

Vintage & Secondhand Shops For Oktoberfest Outfits (Dirndls & Lederhosen)

Alexa’s – located just a stone’s throw away from the city center, is a charming vintage and secondhand shop not to be missed!  Alexa, the shop owner and her trusty canine assistant, Paul, were incredibly friendly and helpful. Men’s and Women’s vintage Trachten, shoes and accessories can all be found here! One member of City Starlings found her perfect Dirndl, a beautiful 1950’s number with exquisite velvet detailing. Definitely, unique and made to be treasured! Address: Utzschneiderstr. 10

Schwabinger Boutique – this fabulous secondhand boutique has both men’s Lederhosen and women’s Dirndls. Located in Schwabing, this store has it all. As a matter of fact one of our own City Starlings couldn’t resist purchasing a fabulous `fit and flare` Dirndl from the 1950’s! Renate, the boutique’s owner, was incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. It is no wonder the Schwabinger Boutique has been a local favorite since 1998.  Address: Gabelsbergerstr. 91

Vinty´s – the largest secondhand shop in Munich, located just a five minute walk from the Hackerbrücke S-bahn station, sells both men’s and women’s secondhand Tracht.  Great prices and a large selection, makes it easy for everyone to find their perfect Oktoberfest outfit.  Address: Landsbergerstr. 14 

Oktoberfest Dirndl
Vintage Love

Secondhand Chains for Oktoberfest Outfits (Dirndls & Lederhosen)

Oxfam – has multiple locations in Munich and during Oktoberfest season, one can find secondhand Trachten in the stores.  Oxfam’s mission – “Working to change the world by mobilizing the power of people against poverty”. If you are not familiar with Oxfam, we recommend reading more about it here.  Your purchases here makes a difference!  Multiple locations

Resales – with several locations throughout Munich, there is bound to be a Resales close to you!  Affordable men’s, women’s and  kid’s options, as well as new Trachten brands can be found here.  Multiple locations

If you are attending your very first Oktoberfest and want to learn more about what to wear, please check out this post over at our friends “Move To Munich”.

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