beat winter blues

How to Beat the Winter Blues

How to fight off the winter blues when springtime taunts us with its colors but seems to never arrive!

After the Christmas markets and festivals close for another year,

After the countless Christmas choirs stop singing their carols,

Munich is suddenly swept by silence.

Especially when it has snowed and the stillness takes over.

The sudden calmness can be a blessing for some, but for others, it can bring on the blues!


Winter can be long, but don´t let the low temperatures keep you indoors and inactive.

  • Meet friends for a stroll
  • Organize wine tastings
  • Embrace the silence and catch up on reading
  • Go to the Englischer Garten and walk on fresh powdered snow
  • Go skiing or cross country skiing. Don´t know how… take lessons
  • Take your Vitamin D – we are all low on vitamin D toward the end of winter. Keep your levels in check.
  • Get a dawn simulator – studies confirm that they can even replace medication.

There are plenty of things to do in Munich. What are you waiting for?

Tell us how you fight the winter blues. We would love to hear from you.

Beat Winter Blues
Winter Stroll


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