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Have you gone through the panic of waking up one morning needing a doctor immediately? Problem is, all the doctors you call are booked for weeks or even months! Is your last option to sit in a hospital waiting room for hours until they see you? Not anymore.

Searching for Doctors in Munich

I’m an expat living in Munich, Germany! One day I woke up and panic ensued. I needed to find a GYN. Mine was booked for weeks. I called all my friend’s recommendations and none of the doctors were available. Everyone just referred me to a Women’s Clinic in Munich, where I was just about to head into, when one friend told me about Doctolib.

This free online booking platform was founded in 2013 in France and expanded into Germany in 2016. It  allows you to find available doctors in your vicinity with just a few clicks. They operate in 5 different cities in Germany including Munich. It combines a physician search with their online appointment portal, allowing you to see exactly when they are available and allowing you to make real-time appointments.

This is what the online search interface looks like

Book an Appointment Online

I was thus able to search by specialist and immediate availability. Free appointments were displayed and I booked right away with a doctor in Munich. Too easy, I thought, so I called the doctor’s office to confirm. Turns out, they were already expecting me! As a result: I actually found an amazing doctor, which I plan to continue seeing for my regular checkups.

I used Doctolib’s website, but there is an application for Android and Apple as well.

No need to wait for hours at hospitals for care nor spend time calling different doctors for appointments. Just book online or via the app plus you can get reminders from the application so you won’t forget your appointment.

Pros and Cons of Doctolib

Website: Doctolib

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  1. I’ve never heard about this – thank you! This will definitely come in handy with 2 little kids (+ all their crazy, unexpected illnesses) around.

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