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What do you get when you combine a career in education, passion for adventure, and love of travel? An opportunity to teach what you love, of course!

Ceri Temple and the 4Elements

Educating young people for over 12 years teaching foreign languages and outdoor education as well as coaching and mentoring staff and students was the foundation to creating 4Elements. Her restlessness for the outdoors was the engine that brought it alive. Now Ceri is inspiring others to challenge themselves and explore the world around them through alpine tours and events.

Expat interview with Ceri Temple


Read towards the end to see which Tours & Tastings are coming up.

Now continue reading Ceri´s expat interview about life in Munich:


 Where are you from? Tell us a little about yourself.

I was born in France to British Expat parents and spent the first years of my life in Paris before we returned to the UK. Although we returned to the UK when I was just three years, my first memories were intercultural experiences and the seed of travel and life abroad was sown for me.


How long have you lived in Munich? And why Munich?

I came to Munich in 2009 and it was love that brought me here…. love of the mountains 😉


How did you find the transition to living in a foreign country?

I have lived, studied and worked abroad for almost half of my life now. Although there is a lot to think about at the start I’ve always found the transition phases really positive experiences, as they are full of fresh energy, excitement, and discoveries. Munich for me was an easy transition as I came from a pretty sleepy town in Nordrhein-Westfalen. Suddenly I was in a city where you had a greater mix of cultures, cuisine, international setting, mountains and beautiful scenery. I felt like a kid in a sweet shop and still do sometimes!


What do you miss most about your home country that you can not find here in Munich? 

I think really only family and friends, but I have found wonderful friends here too. Also, it’s pretty easy to get back to the UK and keeping in touch is easier now than ever. I have been known to pack a few packs of British bacon and a leg of Welsh lamb in my suitcase though…


What is your favorite restaurant, museum, shop, cafe, boutiques or online shops?

Walter & Benjamin: Amazing wines & delicious food combinations

Quattro Tavoli: An authentic Italian bar/ bistro – great food, wine & atmosphere

Vesperia: Bavarian food with a twist

Kitchen2Soul: Not just a comfy cafe, but a place for seminars, lectures, and room rentals

Munich library: My local library in Neuhausen is great for books/ audiobooks/ DVDs etc (English and German)

Bake This: For a good giggle, I love Munich’s English speaking Improv group


What are your tips for newly arrived expats?

  • Start learning the language as soon as you can. Sign up for a course, find a tandem partner and be brave at trying to speak wherever possible and stick with it… it takes time, but it pays off in so many ways.
  • Follow your passions and hobbies to meet other people. There are a variety of networking platforms for internationals in Munich: internations, meetup, as well as facebook groups. All with various interests/themes.
  • Whether you are interested in history, art, nature, mountains, sport – there is so much to see and do in and around Munich. Public transportation is great and inexpensive, so get out and explore!


Tell us about your latest business and how you got started.

I’m a passionate, experienced and adventurous outdoors girl – with a love of mountains, nature, and alpine sports. As a result, I’m in my element outdoors and exploring. Following a degree in languages, I started my career in the ski and tourism industry. Then I completed teacher training in the UK, teaching foreign languages in secondary education. After 7 years in the school classroom, I realized that my favourite classroom was/ is the outdoors. I saw a window of opportunity to transfer my enthusiasm, expertise and extensive local knowledge and network to start my own business, 4elements. My mission: to inspire others to explore, challenge and discover more about the environment, local culture and themselves through experiences in the great outdoors – enabling personal growth and well-being.

Adventure, Sports, Outdoors, Education with Ceri Temple

4elements is now 5+ years old and we work with schools, groups, and individuals- leading youth self-development and outdoor education programmes (Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, class retreats & camps, mindfulness in schools), alpine tours and events, as well as cultural and educational travel. I am a certified ski instructor, mountain hiking & snowshoe guide – and lead tours (day & multi-day) – for individuals and groups throughout the year.

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