Bespoke, natural skincare products

Bespoke beauty and skincare products are trending BIG in 2018! So, we called upon our “go-to” natural skincare & aromatherapy expert Julie Leonard, to help us find our customized, natural wellness & skincare remedies!

If you have been following Team City Starlings over the past year, it won’t come as any surprise that we have been super passionate about optimizing our own health, as well as finding ways to practice self-care. Our own personal journeys have led us to find some of the most incredible health and beauty experts right here in Munich.

And among one of those experts, is the amazing Julie Leonard.  Our recent goal of changing out “dirty” makeup and skin care products to more natural and healthier ones had become a bit overwhelming.  So we asked Julie, to help us find our own individual, bespoke skincare products utilizing the healing benefits of essential oils and aromatherapy.

About Julie Leonard

Julie Leonard is essentially a “one-stop-shop” for anyone looking to positively transform their health and happiness by offering services ranging from Aromatherapy to Life & Happiness Coaching.  Julie has over 25 years of Psychology, Health, and Life Coaching Experience. She is also a qualified Aromatherapist and has been practicing Aromatherapy Massage and making natural products for the past 20 years.

Hay Fever Balm

The Consultation 

We first booked an appointment to meet with Julie.  Then, during the consultation,  we reviewed our personal skin care needs as well as our health goals. She also inquired about any issues we had including, allergies and skin sensitivities.  This step is crucial! It really is the only way to get a personalized overview of products and/or services specific to one’s needs.

The Skincare Results 

After the consultation, Julie was able to customize a natural, anti-inflammatory facial oil that not only works but is very affordable. Also, during the consultation, we discovered other issues that Julie could help us resolve. This included a hay fever balm and a women’s well-being oil.  It was truly a Bespoke experience!

Book an Aromatherapy Massage

Practice “self-care” and heal the mind/body with an aromatherapy massage. Julie utilizes your customized profile of Aromatherapy oils to help heal and calm the spirit. One more amazing way to nourish the skin too!

Gift Ideas

We find Julie Leonard’s products and services also make fantastic gifts for anyone special on your list. Great for Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Thank You’s, or for anyone that needs to be pampered.  Find out more here.


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