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Enjoy the Best Smoothies In Munich

Our Top Healthy “On the Go” Smoothie Joints

Several times a week I find myself running short on time and in need of a quick bite while out and about in the city.  I am usually alone and/or in a hurry so sitting down in a cafe isn’t really an option.

Furthermore, I prefer to fuel up with something healthy, convenient and that doesn’t make me self-conscious while eating it on the U-bahn.  This is why smoothies have become my “go to” meal on the go.  However, finding the perfect meal replacement smoothie here in Munich isn’t as easy as one would think. The majority of smoothies I’ve tried usually consist of just water and fruit, which doesn’t curb my appetite nor fulfill my dietary needs.

Below you will find a list of our top smoothie joints that not only taste amazing but also offer the following:

Convenience – easy take away and great city location(s)

Options – offer a lot of different fruit and veggie combinations as well as cow’s milk alternatives for those with special dietary restrictions

Satisfying –  not only fruits and veggies, but nut butters, plant-based protein powders, or super-food “add-ins” that will keep you fuller longer

  1. Wagners Juicery & Health Food 
  2. Super Danke Update: (Unfortnetatly, the Maxvorstadt location closed 2017. Currently, Fraunhoferstraße location on Winter Pause, perhaps reopening in Spring 2018?)
  3. Bite Delite
  5. Minimis – Smoothie, Hot Dog & Co
  6. Bowls & Blenders

What are some of your favorite places in the city to grab a great tasting & healthy smoothie?

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