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Financial Advice for Expats in Germany

An expert in her field, Kerstin Brunner, is a Financial Advisor who’s focus is to provide the best financial advice to expats in Germany. Her clients are mostly engineers, IT specialists, employees in R&D and self-employed expats.

Kerstin uses a “holistic” financial approach to empower her clients to make the best financial decisions on their own. Above all, she is convinced that financial education should be open source and available to everyone.

Sadly financial education is not a topic covered in school. People often feel alone and confused when it comes to their finances.

Kerstin Brunner

What are some of those financial decisions we must all face while living in Germany?

And this is not just for expats!

Kerstin says people usually come to her with the same questions:

  • What are the basic types of insurances in Germany?
  • How does the German Pension System work?
  • What does the German Health Insurance System offer?
  • Where can you get a bank account and debit/credit card?
  • What is important to know with regards to Employer Benefits?
  • Which type of assets are important for an individual investment strategy?
  • What are the important points when purchasing a property? Where to get financing?
  • What is the best way to start retirement planning?

Finding the answers to these questions can be overwhelming and frustrating. And really difficult to find, since everyone’s experience is different. Generally, it makes sense to take a holistic approach to these life-impacting decisions.

What does “Holistic” mean and why is this approach important?

Holistic financial advice gives us the possibility to build a unique financial roadmap to reach ALL our future goals.

Your starting point or “base” is always your current living situation and existing contracts. Along with your financial advisor, you will define your roadmap with all the pit stops to help you reach your defined goals.

What if LIFE gets in the way?

Financial advice itself is not static, it is flexible, like life itself. For that reason, the relationship between client and advisor should be active.  

Therefore, regular conversations between client and their financial advisor should cover any changes (private and professional) to help keep things on track.

Wouldn’t it be great to get those gears rolling?

Luckily for us, in 2022 Kerstin developed a new webinar series specifically for expats working in Germany. In different episodes, she provides expert knowledge on:

  • German Pension System Overview: Learn how it works.
  • German Health Insurance: Get a deeper understanding of the two columns of the German Health Insurance System.
  • Overview of Property Insurance: Which types exists in Germany? Which of them suits you and your personal situation.
  • How to read pay slips: How much is going to the public pension system & more.
  • All about real estate – buy, protect, move-in: Gain knowledge and confidence, get financing, and live in your property.

Get an overview regarding all upcoming webinars and the possibility to sign up for free.

Financial Advisor Kerstin Brunner

“A very good professional education is the foundation of my work,” says Kerstin Brunner. “My heart’s desire is to work with people. Get to know them in their current life situation. And to develop concepts with them accordingly, so that they can achieve their goals and wishes. For me it is particularly interesting to work with people from different cultural backgrounds. From the beginning of my career as Financial Advisor it was clear to me that we do have a very large gap in the area of ​​English services here in Germany. I am here to build a bridge to provide that possibility.

Find out more about Kerstin Brunner on LinkedIn

This post was a collaboration between Kerstin Brunner and Jamie Johnston.

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