Learn German with Instagram

The Best Instagram Accounts to Help You Learn German

Yes, you can definitely learn German words, phrases and idioms with these fun Instagram accounts. All while learning a bit about German culture.

Can we really learn German with Instagram?

If all you do is doom scroll, then probably not!

However, if you follow people and companies that contribute to your overall growth and well-being, then you can learn a lot.

I’m very mindful of the people that I follow and the content that I read.

So yes, I learn a little bit of German every time I log on.

How to Learn German with Instagram

You can use these Instagram accounts to:

  • Complement your German courses OR to
  • Start getting a feel for the German language

Either way, the content is invaluable.

Who Are They?

The following are Instagram accounts of people who put in a lot of time and effort into their content, so show them a bit of love. Interact with them and get some feedback. I’m sure they love answering your questions.

dw_deutschlernen – I love DW in general. Their news channel is so informative as are all their podcasts. Their Deutsch Lernen Insta account is full of videos, audio, multiple choice questions and more. I can’t recommend them enough.

@deutsch.mit.yana – one of my favorites is Yana, a DaF certified teacher living in Madrid. She has such a fun and lively way of teaching German. Plus her conversations with “herself” are too funny. Yana translates into Spanish & English.

@expat_learn_german – Doris is a certified German teacher. She gives individual and group lessons and provides job application training. In addition, Doris also has Live interactive trainings on Instagram.

@deutsch.charlingua – Charlotte is a German teacher that lives near Munich. She offers tailored German courses for individuals as well as cross-cultural trainings for expats.

@canyougerman – Hilarious German idioms that will get you speaking like the locals. The literal and actual translation of the idioms will have you peeling with laughter. Other times, raising your eyebrows. Either way, it is worth following Ivan & Ricardo’s funny and original take on the German language.

@learngermanwithanja – Learn German with Anja in an un-German way, as she says. She is not wrong! She is kooky in a fun loving way and her videos are really funny. Her Youtube Channel is also very entertaining.

By the way, if you live in Germany and love to hear podcasts, please read: 10 podcasts you should be listening to if you are an expat in Germany

@deutchenglish – Each week you will learn one word, see one video and get a multiple choice question. It is a really great learning tool. Very clear and concise.

@slowgermanpodcast – Annik keeps her Insta full of everyday German sightings, but her podcast is where she shares the good stuff. I’ve been listening to the podcast for years and it never disappoints.

@learn.german.vocabulary – Learn German words with their pronunciation. This flashcard method is an effective way to remember words easily.

@thelogicalgerman – A colorful flashcard method that helps you learn German words and the logic behind them.

@german4work – Definitely for more advanced students of the German language. Here you will learn job specific terminology for the German labor market.

Read more about the German work culture: 6 Things Expats Should Know Before Working in Germany & Expert Career Coaching Tips – Succeed Abroad as an Expat

Well I hope you have found a new and interesting method to learning the German language.

Additionally, for more tips on how best to learn German, read: Tips for Learning German – What Finally Worked!

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