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Moving to Germany? Considering insurance? German insurance has just gotten less complicated. A new English-only insurance broker answers all your questions and finds you the right coverage.

One thing you will quickly find out after arriving in Germany, is that Germans have all types of insurance. Liability insurance, legal insurance, health insurance, renter’s insurance, etc. Luckily, a new startup from Berlin makes it easier to select the best insurance for you and your family.

Popsure is not a paid affiliate of City Starlings. We just like their service and trust it is a great resource.

What are some of the things you can expect with Popsure:

What Popsure Can Offer
What Popsure Can Offer

Here is a quick overview of some insurance policies you can purchase with Popsure:

Personal Liability Insurance (Haftpflichtversicherung)

It is considered the most essential of all the non-compulsory insurances. This will cover damages YOU may cause to other persons or their property. Such as spilling red wine over your friends sofa or causing physical injuries to others. Damage or harm to yourself, your family members or your property is NOT included.

Renter’s or Content Insurance (Hausratversicherung

Not exactly mandatory in Germany, but some rental contracts may require you to purchase this insurance. Especially if you are renting a furnished property. If you own your property, you might also want to insure your household items. This ensures protections mainly from fire, water damage, theft and vandalism. 

Car Insurance (Kfz-Haftpflichtversicherung)

Basic insurance coverage is mandatory for every car owner. To register a car and get a valid license plate, you have to show proof of third-party liability insurance.

Health Care Insurance (Krankenversicherung)

Once you move officially to Germany, it is mandatory to have health care insurance. Which one you have will depend on your job status, income, age and whether you want faster non-urgent care or access to the best specialists.

Tips from Popsure
Tips from Popsure on Health Insurance

Public health care (gesetzliche Krankenversicherung)

90% of Germans go with this one. If you can sign up for it – chances are you should. There are a lot of providers, but the one with the best english speaking support and actually the best cover is TK – sign up here.

Downside: It can be very expensive if you’re either a freelancer, or a young healthy high earner.

Private health care (privat Krankenversicherung)

This can make sense for some people. If you know you’re going to be in a well paid job for the rest of your life (>60k per year), or if you don’t plan on staying in Germany in your retirement, then this can save you money and get you even better cover. Check here for more info.

Downsides: Spouses and children are not covered for free. It gets more and more expensive as you get older.

Expat health insurance – The lesser known option

If you’ve just arrived in Germany and don’t have a job lined up, then this is a quick fix to get covered in the time before getting a job. When you get a job, going with public is usually the best option then. This insurance works both as good cover for accidents and emergencies, and also for the first visa. DO NOT stay on this for long. You should aim to enter the full private or the full public system as soon as possible – this should be seen as a temporary solution. It does not include check-ups, nor is it valid for permanent residency. Check here for more info.

If you’re lost, use this health tool 🙂 

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