Product review of NUUD deodorant

This all-natural deodorant won’t have you running for the hills to hide from those around you.

If you read my previous post , How & Why to Make The Switch To All-Natural Deodorants, you’ll know that my own experience was daunting. My armpits rejected all notion of organic, all-natural deodorants. It didn’t happen overnight, that’s for sure.

Many friends would recommend their favorite all-natural deodorant. Online reviews would spotlight “THE BEST”, “THE TOP”, “LONG LASTING” deodorant. None worked on me. They would end up in the trash or at the back of my bathroom cabinet, mocking me! I felt cheated.

Sweating more than usual was not the problem. It was the body odor that crept up after several hours that I couldn’t deal with it. I’d switch back immediately to my usual antiperspirant deodorants. I didn’t give up though. Every few months I would try again.

Detoxing Helps!

Eventually, I read about detoxing your pits and that helped. After my own detox, all-natural deodorants became more effective and lasted longer. At least throughout the day. My body was adapting, becoming more receptive. But, confidence lagged.

Until my armpits met their first true love. NUUD!

When I received my order at home, I approached it with care. Scepticism really! Maybe even a little contempt, because it wasn’t cheap.

It claimed to last 3 – 7 days with one application… HA!

Well the laugh was on me… it worked! Not for 7 days, but I can last 3 days without scaring anyone off. Really – no smell!


I shower daily, but only apply a pea-sized amount of NUUD with my fingertips to each armpit, every 3 days. On the days that I apply NUUD, I scrub my armpits while I shower, otherwise I don’t scrub. The formula manages to adhere to the skin, without dissolving in the shower.

To the Test

Feels Like: a thick toothpaste-like consistency, but blends well into the skin. It leaves no mark on clothing.

Smells Like: very neutral scent.

Sweat Test: Even after intense sweating, it has held up for two full days. At the end of Day 2, I do start to smell musty.

Cost – EUR 12,95 for a 15ml tube – Is it expensive? Well, I managed to get 3 months use out of one tube. Seeing as how effective it is, the quality ingredients, the biodegradable packaging and how long it lasts, it is well worth the price.


Micro Silver (99.9% pure micro-silver has a natural antibacterial effect), Coconut oil (keeps skin soft and prevents dissolving in water), Castor oil, Zinc oxide (protects skin from irritation), Almond oil (for dry/sensitive skin and prevents dissolving), Mineral clay (a mineral/volcanic clay that promotes ease of application to skin), Vegetable emulsifier (vegetable origin – ensures ingredients mix well), Castor oil extract (ensures NUUD does not dissolve in water – shower or via perspiration), Propylene carbonate (organic compound ensures ingredients mix well), Carnauba wax (from the leaves of the carnauba palm)

Reasons to Love NUUD

  • Effective
  • No stains
  • Sustainable & CO2 neutral distribution
  • Plastic-Free – NUUD comes in a plastic free, sugar cane tube and the box is biodegradable.
  • It is not tested on animals
  • 100% Vegan
Product review of NUUD deodorant
Raise Your Arms Up – We Love Nuud

I highly recommend this product.

If anyone else is using NUUD, please share your experience. I would like to know if it worked for you. If you have another favorite all-natural deodorant, please share as well.

Credits: Photo in Feature Image by NUUD.

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