Must-Have Apps while living in Munich

There´s an App for just about everything nowadays. Need help finding an apartment in Munich? Learning German? Finding the latest events and restaurants? We´ve got you covered.
Here are a few must-have apps that make life in Munich a little bit easier:

Public Transportation & Ride Sharing Apps

  • MVV – this app will get you from point A to B on public transport. Find out times of departure, so you´ll never miss the train ever again. You can even buy tickets using the app.
  • MVG More – MVG More is for Car Sharing & Bike Rentals! Website is in German, but the app is in English.
  • MyTaxi – the best and easiest way to hire a Taxi.  Also, you can pre-book a taxi using this app, which can come in handy for important appointments or catching a plane.
  • DriveNow – Rent a car exactly when you need one! This is our favorite car sharing app, especially if you like the idea of cruising around the city in a BMW.

Travel Guides, Maps & Culture Tips

  • TripAdvisor – looking for reviews on the latest hotels and restaurants? Maybe you´re looking for the closest restaurant near you. This App is for you. Google Play or iPhone
  • – this is Munich’s official city app.  Find out about all things related to Munich such as events, shopping, where to find doctors, or even ATMs.
  • Coolguide Munich – an English app dedicated to keeping you “in the know” on all the coolest spots in Munich.
  • Munich Museum – a few museums offer apps or guided tours in English right from your smartphone.
  • Komoot – Hikers, Bikers and adventure seekers will love this intuitive route planning app.  Next time you head for the Alps, use this app to help navigate your route!
  • E Tips Munich Offline Travel Guide – If you are new to the city or just visiting, this app feature awesome city tour itineraries based on the amount of time you have.  Best of all, it has off-line features.

Making Everyday Life Easier in Munich

  • Foodora , Lieferando or Deliveroo – having a lazy day… order in with any of these food delivery services.
  • ImmoScout24 – apartment hunting? Immobilien Scout is a must-have. Google Play or for iPhone
  • Cozi – From my schedule to my shopping lists, it keeps me organized! It even has a multi-user function, which allows my husband and I to share and edit the same calendar and grocery lists. All for free!

Learning & Speaking German Apps

(Click here for more tips on learning German)
  • Slow German with Annik Rubens – OK, so this one is a Podcast! I listen to it on my Podcast App for iPhone. It is for beginner-intermediate students learning German. Short episodes provide interesting news covering German culture, news and history.  Spoken at a slow even tempo, it is perfect for your listening skills.
  • Memrise – Great tool for learning German (all levels).  Fun and interactive.
  • Leo Dictionary – is a reliable Go-To everyday dictionary app.

Let us know if any of your “Must-Have” apps are missing from the list!