Cafe´s - best Coffee & Cake

Meet friends for coffee, tea & `Kuchen´ (cake)…  better to share that guilty pleasure.
There are so many cafe´s in Munich! The ones I mention below made the list just because we seem to frequent them more often than others.

Coffee, Tea, Cake & More:

Tushita – if you love tea, vegan desserts, cozy little nooks, this place is for you. It can be busy and they don´t take reservations, so try going after the lunch crowd disperses.

Occam Deli – has an amazing array of desserts. Accompanied by a warm beverage and you´re in heaven. Great for brunch as well!

Cafe Luitpold – a bit more upscale than most cafe´s, but it´s a great place to meet with friends and tempt your palate with any of it´s great pastries. Walk in, if not to see their displayed desserts, then to discover a tiny museum hidden above the cafe one floor up. There are historical facts on the locale and the artists who frequented the establishment since 1888 (only in German).

Cafe Glockenspiel – get a window seat overlooking Marienplatz to see the Glockenspiel (Carillon) in action. With its bells and colorful figures that perform for us daily at 11am, noon and (in summer) 5PM, it´s the best seat in the house.

Cafe Frischhut – close to the famed Virktualenmarkt and opposite the Schrannenhalle (Prälat-Zistl-Straße 8). This cafe has been serving fresh Schmalznudeln (sweet donuts) and Rohrnudeln (I like the one with raisins) for years. Most people order to go, as you can tell by the long lines. However, you can walk in, try to find a seat and enjoy your sweets. (No website, but you can find them on Facebook)

What are some of your favorite cafe´s in Munich?

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